Longevity Day and Longevity Month

Longevity Day and Longevity Month

Ilia Stambler

Following the tradition set in 2013, on or around October 1 (“The UN International Day of Older Persons”) longevity research activists from around the world organize events and promotions as a part of the “Longevity Day” Campaign. Further events take place throughout the entire month of October forming the “Longevity Month”. All events focus on support of biomedical research into aging to improve healthy longevity for the global population.

Within this tradition, hundreds of events and promotions have been organized by longevity research activists around the world: in 2013 events and promotions were organized in over 30 countries, in 2014 in over 20 countries, in 2015 in over 40 countries (the record), in 2016 in over 20 countries, in 2017 in over 10 countries, in 2018 in over 10 countries, and in 2019 in over 20 countries.

Also in 2020-2021, events and promotions were organized around the world, mainly online.

Hopefully, this tradition will continue.

This has been a great opportunity to organize an online or live meeting in one’s area to strengthen the longevity advocacy community or organize a special publication or promotion (in different languages) to increase the awareness of the longevity cause. With a sufficient joint demonstration of support, we will be able to draw the attention and sympathy of the “mainstream” public and decision makers.

It is never too early to start organizing meetings and publications for the next “Longevity Day” or “Longevity Month”. 

Of course other causes for concerted international longevity advocacy campaigns are also possible – either for specific topics or specific dates, as was practiced in the past – e.g. the Jeanne Calment day on February 21 (commemorating the longest-lived human), the Future Day on March 1 (particularly to celebrate emerging health technologies), The World Health Day on April 7 (emphasizing the importance of global aging health), the Elie Metchnikoff Day on May 15 (commemorating the founder of gerontology). Still the Longevity Day/Longevity Month in October, following the “official” UN declared “International Day of Older Persons” on October 1, could be one of the best “excuses” to raise the issue of aging-related ill health and the necessary R&D and treatment to achieve healthy longevity. 

If you organize an event or create a publication, please share your plans and actions, so we can give mutual reinforcement to each other and together can create a stronger positive impact, and a sustained, widespread and active  international longevity advocacy movement. 

Here are some examples of events and promotions from the past years organized by longevity research activists around the world in the framework of the “Longevity Day / Longevity Month” campaign.